Satellite Airtime

Satellite Airtime
World-Link Managed Services is designed to give vessels equipped with high speed broadband services a convenient, value-added solution that optimizes their satellite communications.
Delivered in a single complete package, and priced per vessel per month, World-Link Managed Services includes:

-Network Optimization Service
-Network content Compression Services

Managed Network Security Services
Securing the onboard assets through an integrated security approach ensuring the integrity of the data between origination and destination points, including:

  • Centralized firewall management including configuration, maintenance, and vessel support
  • Onboard firewall management whenever required
  • Email and web content filtering
  • Anti-virus, spam and malware protection
  • Secure VPN connection between ship and shore.

Network Managed Applications

  • Complete vessel internet services including domain management, DNS, email, and any special FTP and web services
  • Maritime email application, including user management, mailbox, monitoring, logging, message tracking and archiving whenever required by user or regulation
  • Cost allocation for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Crew email services: pre-paid, post-paid, or company paid. Crew can have their own private email address that is portable between vessels and ashore
  • Chat (Messenger) services: optimizing the chat connection to minimize ads, updates, etc.
  • Data synchronization between shore and ship databases – e.g. PMS data updates between ship and shore.