Offshore & Costal Merchant


Coastal merchant vessels and off-shore platforms cannot always rely on access to reliable VHF or cellular networks – but they need connectivity for essential operational and safety communications.


World-Link Communications can keep you in touch with your assets, wherever they are and support you with dependable billing and expert technical services.


Offshore workers and workboat crew can stay connected day and night with cost-effective maritime satellite broadband communications that allow them to make calls, email, and use the internet to gain the real-time updates they need to run operations more efficiently.


Data-intensive applications like video conferencing from shore to oil and gas platforms are supported by VSAT services offering the highest speeds with our most cost-effective price plans.



For energy workers, being able to stay in touch with family and friends, keep informed, and be entertained while on long shifts away from home is a big factor in recruitment and retention. While for anyone at sea, whether they are on an off-shore platform or a coastal vessel, knowing rescue services can be contacted no matter how bad the weather conditions get means invaluable peace of mind.