World-Link partners with Inmarstat to bring you the best in maritime satellite connectivity

World-Link partners with Inmarsat is the leader in global mobile satellite communications. Thousands of vessels rely on our unrivaled end-to-end service availability and coverage for operational communications and safety services.

We offer the broadest portfolio of mobile voice and data solutions on the market. So we can meet the needs of all types and size of vessel – and every budget.

Fleet XPress

Setting a new standard in maritime communications.

Fleet Secure

Fleet Secure gives the maritime industry peace of mind and complete visibility of their vessels’ security status.

Fleet Broadband

Our flagship maritime service provides dependable, seamless voice and broadband data coverage across the world’s oceans.

Fleet One

Fishing, merchant and leisure vessels of any size can now access satellite services.


Fleet Media

Maritime entertainment anytime, anywhere for crews across the world’s oceans.

Fleet Phone

Our low-cost, maritime satellite phone service is designed for use when you’re beyond the range of land-based networks.