Merchant Fleet


Smart ships have the commercial advantage in today’s digital world.

 Merchant fleet operators recognize that maritime satellite connectivity represents good value

by enabling vessels to operate more efficiently – saving time, fuel, and money

– and encouraging satisfied crew to be more productive.


World-Link Communications’ extensive range of maritime

communication packages – all customizable to meet

individual customer needs – are delivered over the

world’s most reliable and extensive

satellite networks, and come backed up

with dependable billing and expert

technical support services.


We enable Masters to run a tight ship, whether that

is accessing real-time weather reports, plotting the most fuel-efficient route,

transmitting eNOAD or having onboard equipment problems diagnosed remotely by video. 


Crew morale is kept high through access to face time with families thousands of miles away at home, the latest movies and world news – all delivered in cost-efficient packages that have no impact on vessel communications.

Crucially, we offer safety services that meet GMDSS requirements, keeping your crew and cargo safe on the world’s seas.