A computer virus can spread from one host to another like human viruses. The best way to handle malicious attacks is to fight them before they do any damage. ShipAV prevents viruses from entering on the shipping company´s network at the ship entry point.

Securing Your Most Valuable Asset. Wherever. Whenever.

In order to maintain the computers onboard are always protected, the three main things to remember are:
1. Operating system(OS)up-to-date
2. Firewall enabled at all times
3. ShipAV software installed on the ship´s system and updated
daily to ensure that it has the latest fixes for new viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Its anti-virus technology provides real-time protection against virus and malicious software attacks.

Specifically designed to accommodate vessel communications constraints, ShipAV benefits are:

ShipSecure is the first comprehensive cybersecurity service offered to the shipping community.

ShipSecure suite provides services that mitigate the cyber threat against vessels by delivering real-time threat assessment and defense over the satellite data stream.

With access to the latest global threat intelligence information, ShipSecure maintains the integrity of the information being transmitted between a vessel and the internet.